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An Introduction To Family Law

An Introduction To Family Law

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]March 17, 2010

By Brad Smith

There are several issues that arise in family law, including spousal support, child support, possession, division, and equalization of property and custody and access of children. These do not arise just at the time of separation of spouses. These issues should be addressed several times in the life of you or your spouse:

  • in contemplation of marriage or entering into a relationship
  • at the start of a marriage or relationship
  • separation
  • when there is a material change in circumstances. This includes changes in employment or income, illness or injury, family or marital circumstances, a change of residence, etc.
  • when preparing a will or estate planning
  • when significant gifts, purchases or investments are made or received
  • when settling a personal injury action
  • when receiving an inheritance

We can provide advice, representation and the preparation of agreements on all issues arising from family law or the interaction of family law with other areas, including:

  • representing you to obtain or defend a court application for a Divorce
  • the negotiation, preparation and execution of Separation Agreements
  • advice and negotiation of possession, division and settlement of various questions related to property
  • advice and negotiation of Spousal and Child Support
  • advice and negotiation of Custody and Access
  • the negotiation, preparation and execution of Marriage Contracts and Cohabit ation Agreements
  • independent legal advice
  • dependant’s relief (i.e. support from an Estate)