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Taking Prompt Payment Seriously

July 15, 2022 By Jonathon Clark The introduction of prompt payment requirements was one of the most important changes in the move from the Construction Lien Act to the Construction Act. WHAT IS NEW ABOUT THIS LAW The whole point of these provisions is to require prompt payment to avoid disruptions to construction projects when […]

Taking Sexual Misconduct Seriously: Ontario Edition

July 15, 2022 By Brian Babcock In our article Taking Sexual Misconduct Seriously, we looked at an Alberta court decision where a single incident of sexual misconduct in the workplace was interpreted to constitute sexual assault and therefore was serious enough to justify dismissal for cause. In that article, we predicted that an Ontario court […]

The Votes Are In…

  GOLD for Weilers, and SILVER for Mark Mikulasik and Paul Jasiura in the ‘Lawyers’ category SILVER for Mark Mikulasik, and BRONZE for Weilers LLP in the ‘Real Estate Law and Lawyers’ category SILVER for Weilers, and BRONZE for Mark Mikulasik in the ‘Estate Lawyers’ category We are proud to serve Thunder Bay and northwestern […]