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What Is An Equitable Mortgage?

January 25, 2024 By Mark Mikulasik An equitable mortgage differs from a legal mortgage but has somewhat similar effects. As the Ontario Court of Appeal states, an equitable mortgage is “meant to enforce ‘a common intention of the mortgagor and mortgagee to secure property for either a past debt or future advances, where that common […]

Appealing With Leave

January 18, 2024 By Mark Mikulasik An order of the Ontario Land Tribunal may be appealed to Divisional Court, on a question of law only, and only with leave of the court. THE ISSUES 2541005 Ontario Ltd. v. Oro-Medonte (Township), et al., looks at two important issues: When is it premature to seek leave? What […]

A Cautionary (But True) Tale

December 1, 2023 By Brian Babcock We have written before about the importance of “getting it in writing”. Did you know it even applies to families? THE ISSUE As long as things are friendly and going smoothly, no one thinks they need an agreement. But if things turn argumentative, a written agreement will help resolve […]

The Certificate of Pending Litigation and an Interest in Land

November 29, 2023 By Brian Babcock We have written before about the importance of certificates of pending litigation (CPL), and the process to discharge them. Because a certificate is usually obtained without notice, the defendant’s discharge motion is often the big fight. If the Plaintiff loses, not only might they not recover what they want, […]

Certificates of Pending Litigation

November 6, 2023 By Jonathon Clark Do you know what a “certificate of pending litigation” ( often called a CPL) is and does? A CPL is a document issued by a court- in Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice – when a party, the Plaintiff, is suing, claiming an interest in land. A CPL is […]

Pick a Number, Any Number

October 23, 2023 By Brian Babcock You agree to purchase a condominium, but the vendor breaches the agreement. THE ISSUE What are you entitled to as damages? The judge will not simply pick a number- there are rules and processes to be followed. THE CASE According to the Divisional Court in Nguyen v. Hu, in […]

The Oppression Remedy and Piercing the Corporate Veil

October 10, 2023 By Nick Melchiorre What do you do if your tenant (or any other creditor) fails to pay you after the controlling shareholder/director has stripped all the cash out of the company? Suing the corporation is not productive. You want to sue the person with the money. But what do you sue them […]

Adverse Possession and Municipal Lands

September 8, 2023 By Mark Mikulasik THE ISSUE Is adverse possession available to extinguish the title of a municipality in favour of someone who claims adverse possession? The answer, says the Ontario Court of Appeal, is “sometimes”. BACKGROUND First, almost all land in Ontario, and especially in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, is in the […]

Is It a Lease or a License?

June 6, 2023 By Mark Mikulasik A license is a form of contractual agreement such as an agreement which allows the use of property or of a portion of a property by the individual or business receiving the license. It differs from a lease in that a license does not give the same exclusivity of […]

Who Is More Innocent?

May 5, 2023 By Brian Babcock The moral high ground strikes again. THE ISSUE Though the phrase is seldom used explicitly in judgments, the centrality of this concept to equity is the silent explanation of the result of many civil cases. THE CASE This is once again demonstrated by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v. […]