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Posted on May 23, 2022 In Administrative Law, Articles

May 23, 2022 By Brian Babcock Procedural fairness is a necessary requirement for any administrative tribunal hearing. However, that does not mean that the courts […]

January 30, 2022 By Brian Babcock “Arbitrators have exclusive jurisdiction over human rights cases if there is a collective agreement” is the sort of headline […]

Posted on December 29, 2021 In Administrative Law, Articles, Municipal Law, Real Estate Law

December 29, 2021 By Brian Babcock The Ontario legislature has struggled for years for ways to streamline and simplify the planning process, including appeals, in […]

Posted on December 12, 2021 In Administrative Law, Articles

December 12, 2021 By Brian Babcock Prohibition may be a distant memory, but it is not forgotten, with its history in Thunder Bay a fond […]

December 5, 2021 By Brian Babcock If an administrative tribunal makes a decision against you that makes no sense to you, go not give up […]

December 5, 2021 By Brian Babcock What happens if a party to a human rights settlement fails to perform the non-monetary terms of the settlement? […]

November 21, 2021 By Brian Babcock It is well established law that a worker cannot sue their employer (or coworkers) for a workplace injury covered […]

Posted on November 13, 2021 In Administrative Law, Articles, Municipal Law

November 13, 2021 By Brian Babcock An administrative decision maker must form a reasonable opinion, but that opinion must also answer the correct question under […]

Posted on September 5, 2021 In Administrative Law, Articles, Real Estate Law

September 5, 2021 By Brian Babcock Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board has the jurisdiction to determine the ownership of buildings, including through a simplified summary […]

June 22, 2021 By Brian Babcock Judicial review is the mechanism by which courts supervise the actions of statutory decision makers. Typically, we think of […]